A Parent’s Blessing for the Start of School

I’d like to share the Parent’s Blessing that was a part of the Family Blessing Service at Saint Joseph’s University on move in day for incoming freshman.  The blessing named my emotions as a parent sending my daughter off to college for the first time.  It’s words speak to all parents as we begin another school year.

Parent’s Blessing to Child

May you be powerfully loving and lovingly powerful.             

May love be your guide with family, friends and colleagues.

May you listen carefully to your own heart and to the hearts of others.

May you have strength to overcome fear and pride, and follow instead what has heart and meaning for you.

May you be an active, committed positive force in your community.

May you show respect to people of all ages and races and help make a better world for the poor, the sick, the elderly, and the young.

May you constantly bring your gifts and talents forward everyday without hesitation, reservation, or expectation of reward.

May you know everyday how grateful I am to God for the gift of you, and know as well in your heart the depth of my own love for you.